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Obtenir la bonne taille

Les ScratchSleeves étant un produit nouveau et innovant, les tailles conventionnelles des vêtements pour enfants ne sont pas toujours adaptées. C'est pourquoi nous avons mis au point notre propre méthode pour que vous puissiez obtenir une paire de ScratchSleeves à la taille de votre bébé ou de votre enfant.

How to get the right size

You will need to measure your child’s ‘wingspan’. Put one end of a tape measure in the centre of their back, between the shoulder blades, and measure the distance from there to the tips of their fingers. Double this measurement to calculate the wingspan. Use the table below to match your child’s wingspan to find your child’s size. Our sizing tends to run large so we suggest refraining from buying a larger size even if your child’s wingspan is close to the top of the size range.

Mother measuring toddler's wingspan for correct sizing of ScratchSleeves. The child is facing away from the camera. The mother is holding the child's right hand stretching it away from the body, The tape measure is held under her thumb so that the end aligns with the child finger tips, the mothers other hand is stretching the tap measure to the centre of the child's back
Tranche d'âge Envergure Hauteur
0 - 3 mois 55cm - 60cm -
3 - 6 mois 60cm - 65cm -
6 - 9 mois 65cm - 70cm 74cm - 76cm
9 - 12 mois 70cm - 76cm 76cm - 80cm
12 - 18 mois 76cm - 82cm 80cm - 84cm
18 - 21 mois 82cm - 88cm 84cm - 88cm
21 - 24 mois 88cm - 94cm 88cm - 92cm
Tranche d'âge Envergure Hauteur
2 - 3 ans 94cm - 100cm 92cm - 98cm
3 - 4 ans 100cm - 106cm 98cm - 104cm
4 - 5 ans 106cm - 112cm 104cm - 110cm
5 - 6 ans 112cm - 120cm 110cm - 116cm
6 - 7 ans 120cm - 128cm 116cm - 122cm
7 - 8 ans 128cm - 136cm 122cm - 128cm
Line drawing of tape measure

We are always happy to exchange unwashed, unused items. So if you do inadvertently order the wrong size, just drop us a line or give us a call to arrange. Please note that as we use natural fibres, we expect our products to shrink by around 4% in the first few washes. This is factored into our sizing.

Vous ne trouvez pas la taille ou la forme que vous recherchez ?

Custom ScratchSleeves start from £14.75 depending on size, contact us for more details.

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