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Dairy-free Easter Eggs – Tried and tested for 2024

When I was a child dairy-free Easter Eggs just weren’t available. One memorable year, my brilliant mum made me an Easter Egg using the classic ’70s coconut pyramid recipe. For the first time in years I wasn’t the odd one out without an Easter Egg. Since then multiple dairy-free chocolate brands have appeared and there are even supermarket own brand options available. The recent popularity of plant based eating has increased availability again. Dairy-free chocolate is typically quite dark and rich, while the packaging of dairy-free Easter Eggs isn’t especially appealing for children. So we’ve been around the local shops looking for readily available allergy friendly Easter Eggs and set our kids the task of reviewing them. They didn’t take much persuading!

Asda Free From Choc Patch Bunny – 100g

  • Milk chocolate style hollow bunny
  • Packaging described as ‘a bit boring’ by our junior testers
  • Good size within the packaging
  • Cute bunny shape appealed to our testers
  • Satisfying crack when you break off the ears!
  • Quite sweet compared to regular milk chocolate, doesn’t really taste of chocolate – more Milky Bar rather than Dairy Milk
  • Includes soya

Aldi FreeFrom Orange Choco Bertie the Bunny – 85g

  • Fun packaging appealed to our younger testers
  • Hollow dark chocolate bunny
  • Disappointingly small compared to the box
  • Quite a strong orange flavour, think Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • More chocolatey than the Asda bunny
  • Soya free
  • Flavour-wise, this was the preferred bunny of our testers but the small size compared to the box marked it down.

Moo-free Rocky Road Easter Egg – 85g

  • The most appealing packaging of our testing selection, but it does include a plastic layer
  • The flattened egg shape disappointed our testers
  • Very sweet
  • Surprising lack of chocolate flavour given the darkness of the egg
  • The Rocky Road section is fun (and very, very sweet) but overall our testers would have preferred the Moo-Free Bunnycomb Egg that we have tested in previous years

Aldi FreeFrom Eggstreme Choco Easter Egg – 110g

  • Cute packaging has child appeal
  • Milk chocolate egg with marshmallows and white ‘chocolate’ buttons
  • Good thickness compared to other eggs, not surprising as it was also the heaviest of the eggs we tested
  • Definite chocolate flavour
  • Soya free
  • Eggcellent value for money – this egg was our runner-up. If the packaging was a bit more impressive it would have won.

NOMO Cookie Dough Egg & Bunny (100g + 60g)

  • Bigger packaging was a popular, especially with our tweenage tester
  • Milk chocolate style egg with embedded crispy rice
  • Sweet but with definite chocolatey flavour
  • Crunchy texture from the crispy rice adds to the flavour
  • The chocolate bunny filled with cookie dough disappeared very quickly and ‘was yummy’
  • This was the overall favourite – the packaging is just that bit more impressive than the other eggs and the flavour and texture eggellent!

Wizards Magic Easter Egg – 90g

  • Dark chocolate style egg with orange flavouring
  • Egg feels quite small compared to the box, especially as the internal packaging hadn’t kept our egg upright
  • Good dark chocolate flavour, popular with the adults but a bit much for the younger children
  • Excellent crack when broken
  • Contains soya and may contain milk, nuts, wheat and gluten
  • This egg was the adult favourite in our test selection, but probably best avoided for anyone with serious allergies

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