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About ScratchSleeves

Why ScratchSleeves really work

  • The outer silk mitts protect the skin while the inner layer of soft cotton allows full movement
  • Most toddlers are unable to remove them
  • They enable skin to heal, and reduce irritation and infection
  • Only soft cotton and silk touches your child’s skin, so they are extremely comfortable
  • The fabrics are robust and machine washable
  • They are working on children throughout the world.

ScratchSleeves can also help with hair pulling, thumb-sucking, post operative healing and protecting feeding tubes.

Baby girl with blue eyes and red blonde hair wearing ScratchSleeves eczema mittens over a flower print sleep suit. Annotated to show how these eczema mitts work.
Petite fille aux yeux bleus et aux cheveux blonds roux portant des mitaines anti-eczéma ScratchSleeves sur une combinaison de nuit à imprimé fleuri. Annoté pour montrer comment fonctionnent ces gants contre l'eczéma.
Kleines Mädchen mit blauen Augen und rotblonden Haaren, das ScratchSleeves-Ekzemfäustlinge über einem Schlafanzug mit Blumenmuster trägt. Kommentiert, um zu zeigen, wie diese Ekzemhandschuhe funktionieren.
Babymeisje met blauwe ogen en roodblond haar, gekleed in ScratchSleeves eczeemwanten over een slaappakje met bloemenprint. Geannoteerd om te laten zien hoe deze eczeemwanten werken.
Dziewczynka o niebieskich oczach i rudych blond włosach, ubrana w rękawiczki przeciw egzemie ScratchSleeves i kombinezon do spania w kwiatowy wzór. Z adnotacjami pokazującymi, jak działają te rękawice przeciw egzemie.

ScratchSleeves and older children

As children become more independent they will of course learn how to put on and take off their own clothes without help, and ScratchSleeves are no exception. For older, more independent children we recommend putting ScratchSleeves on underneath their regular clothing or PJs. During the day putting ScratchSleeves on under a set of dungarees or a strapped top can be a practical solution as the ScratchSleeves can be put on or taken off by an adult without the need to remove other clothing but are much more difficult for children to remove by themselves.

This short video demonstrates just how easy ScratchSleeves are to use with babies, toddlers and older children and shares some top tips for ensuring that the wearers can’t take them off without help.

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