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Washing Instructions

ScratchSleeves are machine washable

  • Use a 40°C cycle
  • Use non-biological, wool safe washing powder
  • If your washing machine tends to tangle clothes during the wash cycle, we suggest putting your ScratchSleeves in a laundry bag or pillow case to minimise stretching. This is particularly important in North America where the washing machine drums are much larger than those in Europe. 
  • Turn your ScratchSleeves inside out before washing
  • As cotton is a natural fibre, we expect our products to shrink by around 4% in the first few washes. This is factored into our sizing.
Pencil drawing of washing machine filled with laundry

They can also be tumble dried and ironed, but please avoid stain removers as they are often based on a biological formula which degrades the fabrics.

Which detergents are ‘Silk-Safe’?

The mittens on ScratchSleeves are made of natural silk fabric which is degraded by the enzymes used in biological detergents. The silk can also be yellowed and weakened by some bleaches.

  • Anything marked “safe for wool” is fine
  • Enzymes to look out for and avoid are: protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase and mannanase
  • Avoid detergents containing bleach. These are usually powders and marketed as ‘keeping your whites white’. Detergents marked colour-safe will be fine.

We recommend avoiding the use of eco washing balls such as Ecoegg. Although they are often recommended for use when dealing with allergies, they increase the alkalinity of the water which denatures the silk.

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