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How many layers?

ScratchSleeves add an extra layer of clothing and overheating is a risk factor for cot death, so it’s important to adjust your baby’s bedclothes so that they don’t get too hot while they sleep. Also, getting too warm or cold will often make a baby wakeful – not ideal for an itchy little one who is already struggling to sleep. The ideal room temperature for a nursery is 16-20°C, but this can be tricky to maintain, especially in extremes of summer and winter. Our guide shows how to adjust your baby’s clothing (while still keeping their hands covered) to keep them safe and comfortable over a range of temperatures.

However, every baby is different – while our guide is a good starting point, you do need to check your baby regularly. Feel your baby’s tummy or the back of their neck, if the skin is hot or sweaty, remove one or more layers of clothing.

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