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The Story Behind ScratchSleeves

Like all good inventions, ScratchSleeves were born of necessity. When our son, Max, was 4 months old his little face erupted with angry, itchy eczema. And he scratched. A lot. One particularly bad morning, which will stay with us forever, we found him in his cot covered in blood and looking like a scene from …

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Washing Instructions

ScratchSleeves are machine washable They can also be tumble dried and ironed, but please avoid stain removers as they are often based on a biological formula which degrades the fabrics. Which detergents are ‘Silk-Safe’? The mittens on ScratchSleeves are made of natural silk fabric which is degraded by the enzymes used in biological detergents. The …

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How many layers?

ScratchSleeves add an extra layer of clothing and overheating is a risk factor for cot death, so it’s important to adjust your baby’s bedclothes so that they don’t get too hot while they sleep. Also, getting too warm or cold will often make a baby wakeful – not ideal for an itchy little one who …

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Using ScratchSleeves

Helen via email My son is obsessed with Duplo and I was worried that covering his hands would make it difficult for him to play with it. I was amazed at how easily he was able to carry on. No tantrums and no scratching either – happy boy and relieved mum with peace of mind …

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What Are ScratchSleeves Made Of

All ScratchSleeves are made of: Our materials are tested for surface irritants (Oeko-tex 100) and, as little one’s are likely to chew on their mitts, we also test for heavy metals. Nicola   I would like to say a big thank you for coming up with the idea for these fantastic sleeves. We have had …

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Getting The Right Size

As ScratchSleeves are a new and novel product, conventional children’s clothes sizes do not always align. This is why we came up with our own method of ensuring that you can obtain a pair of ScratchSleeves that fit your baby or child. How to get the right size You will need to measure your child’s …

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About ScratchSleeves

Why ScratchSleeves really work Rachael Bean via email Because they’re like a cardigan with a silky outer layer, they can be worn over or beneath clothes. They are easy to put on, but virtually impossible for babies and toddlers to remove by themselves. Suffering sleepless nights thanks to baby eczema, chicken pox, measles or other …

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